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JB Refurbishments


Owner, Jon Adams, has been in the Construction Industry for many years.  He left school at 16 with few exams and was never drawn to a desk job so found his first position onsite as a plasterer's labourer.  His dad helped him to get this job as he too was in the building trade.  Jon did have some knowledge of the job as he used to help his dad in the school holidays.

Jon took this opportunity to become fully converse with all aspects of plastering, and over the 6 years in this role he was able to start to develop his knowledge and experience in other areas of building. At this point Jon felt it was the right time to go out on his own, so started working independently on plastering projects, ground working, bricklaying and general building.  Jon really enjoyed working on a variety of construction disciplines and realised that within these 4 main areas he had gained a high understanding which enabled him to offer these skills under the JB Refurbishment banner.  

A few years on, with a wealth of projects under his belt and a team of highly skilled professionals working for him day to day, Jon has a growing business and reputation for high quality delivery across all service areas JB Refurbishment deliver.